What is the Noösphere

I created the Noösphere shortly after quitting a soul-sucking job at a boutique consulting firm in London to be able to write about all the things that piss me off in today’s world - from gender inequality, and economic injustice to religious extremism, among many other things.

The word noösphere is derived from the Greek νόος, meaning ‘mind’ or ‘reason,’ and σφαῖρα, meaning ‘sphere.’ It denotes the sphere of human thought, knowledge, and culture. It can also be interpreted as the sum of everything we know.

And while I certainly don’t know everything there’s to know, I never want to stop asking questions to make sense of the sum of things we know or think we do, building on the work of people much smarter than me.

If it seems like too big of a task, that’s because it probably is.

And so what?

Asking questions — especially the right ones — can bring us a teeny-tiny bit closer to understanding the madness around us and maybe, just maybe, figuring out how we can all live together without constantly screwing one another.

And that’s exactly what I want to do here.

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The Noösphere is a publication for people of all ages and interest groups who also find themselves constantly wondering what the fuck is wrong with this world and how we could try to fix it.

It’s personal, political, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and always stirring the pot.

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About Katie Jgln

I’m an essayist, satirist and social scientist.

I was born in Poland, studied in France and Belgium - where I got a Master’s degree in Economics at UCLouvain - and currently live in London, UK, with one cat, one Italian and a lot of plants.

I’ve been published and cited in several online publications and magazines, including YourTango, ScaryMommy, and Daily Mail. I also frequently work with charities and NGOs, like The Female Lead, to help raise awareness on gender equality issues.

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Katie Jgln

Social scientist and writer based in London. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always pushing for better humanity. www.linktr.ee/katiejgln