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We have a large percentage of young men that are so stupid that it will take years to clean out their polluted brain pans. "Women pee from their vagina" - okay, so what do they do when they are pregnant and that spot is occupied? ... crickets. Come on now, where is it stored and how do they pee? ... they're gone.

Remember Calvin? Cartoon. His dad was always doing some BS on that kid's head. I recall when it was still running (not the rerun of late) that Calvin was going to need another 10y of school just to unlearn his father's intentional bad data.

Andrew Tate will never care. He is a modern shock jock, who's making sales. That's all the man cares about. Lying about women, their bodies and any random thing that pops in his head - no problem, if you have a valid CC number.

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This is hard-core hatred of women disguised as science. Grow up, guys....

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Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 19, 2023

For me, it's less about the scientific accuracy of evopsych ideas, and more that science itself is a description of nature and not a moral framework.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that the manosphere versions of evopsych are true. Even then it still wouldn't legitimise their misogyny.

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