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Always enjoy your pieces Katie. I saw this bra in another article and the resulting eyeroll was a monster wave. The greenwashing these days is just rampant. I used to work with a top model from The Netherlands, who was trying to make a difference from within the industry, primarily for the girls and women dreaming of becoming the next top model. No matter how you cut it, the fashion world is insatiable, and surprise surprise, women and girls are hit from all sides: we are either the underpaid workers, the gaslit consumers, or the bone-thin models. It doesn't speak well of the female executives in the business.

Ironic too, too see this post published now... just a week ago I wrote about child labor in the chocolate business and said, "Cheap chocolate is the fast fashion of the candy world."


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It's pretty tone deaf from the beginning to say "Sure, vast swaths of the planet are exceeding wet bulb temperature, but you can pretend to be cold with a nipple bra," even without the unsustainability, slave labor, and yes, greenwashing, no matter how much Kimmy denies it. Competely, utterly, unforgiveably dismissive.

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Yes, conditioning is usually 'conning' and materialists and wealth idolaters who mostly become so because the rich and famous and powerful control virtually every aspect of our lives, especially labour, production, distribution and consumption, even to the extent of being powerful enough to not just influence but manipulate governments to their will.

The subjugation and 'grooming', (no pun intended), of girls and women has ensured their conditioning to all manner of unnecessary, unsavoury, and even demeaning products which they are insidiously persuaded they must have by a parasitical advertising industry which, as a generalisation, has positioned itself to profit from all sides while exercising little if any scruples about the narrative it promotes or its wider implications.

I don't pretend to understand enough about 'the economy' to know whether Capitalism is the very cause of our production, marketing and consumption perfidy but it certainly seems to me that it has much for which to answer and that there has to be a better alternative. The problem, as I see it, is that those who benefit don't want to see it change for, after all, it increases their wealth, at the expense of others, year by year and they - the beneficiaries - apparently have little or no conscience about who it hurts and the reality that its very design guarantees that inequity continually increases.

Those in control, whether through political position, corporate wealth or personal fame and influence; together with the mainstream media, ensure the attachment of a derogatory and even menacing tag to Marxist theory or any form of the dreaded 'socialist' discourse. They have succeeded so well that people with little or nothing, those who struggle to survive, have come to believe their denigration of any ideology that suggests rewarding those who do, rather than those who have, and those who share, rather than those who accumulate.

I've never seen any Kardashian show and though, obviously I have heard the name and understand that they have gained some sort of mass following for no reason deserving of such. Sadly, that is quite common an occurrence today and is a symptom of another reality, the notion that we have an educated population capable of critical thought, intelligent decision making and the well-being of all.

This product, in my view, is an insult to women and reinforces the notion that body image is overly important and, particularly in the case of females, the only really important attribute. I accept that women who have found it necessary to have a mastectomy *may* feel the need to use artificial means to produce a more natural female body shape. That has to be a choice for the individual concerned and a product designed to assist self respect, self worth, mental well-being or such, is one with which I have no argument. Even then, however, I wonder to what extent the conditioning of women to feel 'less than' if they don't conform to some stereotypical notion of how a woman should look, may be influential in the decision to use artificial appearance 'enhancers', even when they have undergone a health induced change. I notice, for instance, that there is now at least one 'flat body' movement of women who as a result of surgery or simply natural development of minimal breast tissue have a more flat than curvy torso. I am male so perhaps I have no right to comment on this issue but, and I stress I do believe such matters are for the women concerned, isn't such a group a good thing - a positive direction to counter the outlandish and exaggerated attention that is given to body image?

On that note, I think I should shut up and go away. ☮️

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Maybe it's because I'm a man, but I've never taken the whole fashion industry seriously. And I certainly can't take it seriously when the leading figures are so tone deaf on things that really matter.

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