Meanwhile...Some positive news from Australia this week:

"Australia launches a three-year project to address toxic masculinity on social media"

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The people who advocate women staying at home just want them there so that they won't compete with them for jobs and thus damage their fragile masculine egos.

Mid-20th century media is full of this nonsense- Fred Flintstone was adamant about his wife Wilma NOT having a job precisely for the reason noted above. And then there were the soap operas, who thrived for so long on radio and TV because they had a captive audience of women working at home. Now the soaps are dying off because that audience is no longer there, or at least no longer guaranteed.

It's ridiculous to assume women never have and never do work- it just depends on how you define "work".

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Brava! “You don’t get to claim you won the race after you shot the other contestant in the feet before it started, and then even when they managed to crawl to the finish line, you pretend it never happened.”

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