Gender bias in the sciences came to exist because of the dominant role of universities- especially ones dominated by religious doctrine that purposely excluded women from practicing them- in developing and maintaining science as it is now. Because of this, most of the arts, sciences and humanities have long-standing biases against women that are only now, with the proper equalizing technology and mindsets, being challenged.

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Katie Jgln

How much of our histories are incorrect, and/or incomplete because of gender bias?

All of it. We tend to view the past as we view our own future, and that ideal future is amazingly like the gender divide the historian is neck deep in.

As a boy I read a lot of Science Fiction. The authors tended towards Hard SF. Basing the story on some Science Fact and then spinning the clock for a few hundred/thousand years. It gave me a broader view of what is possible, as well as a lingering disappointment with the progress of humanity ever since.

Nice work, Katie.

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“Modern world not bad just because modern; and it is better than some ages in the past. Many parts of past were as bad, or worse, than our situation, and for the same reasons. The modern is “nothing new”: it is the return of a very ancient subjection and brokenness under new branding, promoted by new concepts and justifications. If you want to see our future look to Europe as it existed before 1600 BC, or much of the world as it was until recently and still is....the communal life of the longhouse with its young men dominated and broken by the old and sclerotic, by the matriarchs, the blob and yeast mode in human life overtaking and subjecting all higher aspiration. Aztec “cities” with twenty morons sleeping and eating off the floor, demagogued in the masses by blood-hungry priests with dead eyes. It is no different if they use the doxies of Reason and Logos to cart us off to this life.” Bronze Age mindset

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